2012 Cannes:




Real Ideas Studio is seeking filmmakers interested in receiving a small grant and production assistance to make a short documentary film to be completed by April and compiled with other short docs into a feature length film to be screened at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. 

  1. Each filmmaking team chosen to participate will receive a $500 ($US) micro-grant to assist in the production of their film. 

  2. The grant will be awarded to Directors who will then compile their own team. Real Ideas Studio will provide an Executive Producer and Producer for the films. Real Ideas Studio can assist Directors in finding other team members from our global community.* 

  3. Production on your film will begin in November 2011 and must be completed by April 2012. 

  4. Real Ideas Studio will require that each film incorporate a “to be determined” thematic element in each film to ensure a cohesive feature-length compilation. Film length and content may be directed by Real Ideas Studio for the sake of greater feature cohesion.

  5. Real Ideas Studio’s definition of “documentary” is very broad and flexible; and allows for experimental uses of form and content.  

  6. Each filmmaking team will receive professional guidance and mentorship during the filmmaking production process.

  7. A team of motion graphic designers will be selected to work on the feature length film and design all promotional materials associated with the film. Real Ideas Studio can also connect each film with a motion graphics designer for internal animations as necessary.

  8. Real Ideas Studio and its Cannes Networking Program team will fully promote and then screen the finished feature-length film at the Palais during the second week of the Cannes Film Festival.

  9. Microgrant Filmmakers are encouraged to enroll in the 2012 Cannes Networking Program which includes accreditation into the Cannes Film Festival, housing during the festival, and professional mentorship guidance to assist you as you navigate the exciting professional opportunities awaiting you at Cannes. Acceptance into the Microgrant Filmmaking Program does not include travel and tuition to the Cannes Networking Program; and therefore, Microgrant Filmmakers who wish to attend Cannes should prepare financially to meet those costs.

  10. Interested filmmakers, animators and motion graphic designers should apply to Real Ideas Studio (www.realideasstudio.org) by October 20th, 2011 ($5 application fee). From the initial pool of applicants, Real Ideas Studio will invite a select group to pitch their ideas for final acceptance into our Filmmaking Program. Initial selection to pitch will be based on the application and our review of your previous film work.

*Don’t have a full production team in mind?  Real Ideas Studio can help connect you with talented Real Ideas Studio alumni filmmakers from around the world to help form your team.  (Real Ideas Studio encourages a global approach to forming your filmmaking team to the extent possible.)